About Us

The Vietnamese Culture and Science Association (VCSA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Vietnamese-American organization founded in 1990.  Our core values include: Leadership, Culture, Education, Excellence and Volunteerism.  There are over 500 members, mostly young Vietnamese American professionals in the United States and Canada.  Headquartered in Houston, Texas, VCSA has chapters in: Austin, TX, Dallas-Fort Worth, TX; Twin Cities, MN; San Diego, CA; Washington D.C.; as well as Toronto, ON, Canada.

Our Mission Statement:

The Vietnamese Culture & Science Association's (VCSA) promotes excellence in education, leadership, and skills development through culture and science.  Our organization encourages multi-generational and cross-cultural collaborations.  We foster civic participation in mainstream North America and its Vietnamese communities.

Our Objectives:

The VCSA's goals are as follows:

  • Preserve and develop Vietnamese heritage and culture for the Vietnamese American young adults and Vietnamese descendants by establishing various programs and activities.
  • Promote cooperation among Vietnamese American professionals in exchanging their skills, participating in the programs and activities to build a strong Vietnamese community in North America in general, and in Texas and other states of U.S. in particular.
  • Encourage participation in community programs and activities and build a strong sense of civic responsibility among Vietnamese Americans and Canadians.
  • Collaborate with other Asian communities and the mainstream society.

Minnesota Activities and Programs:

  • Arrange monthly general meetings to update happenings, obtain feedback, and generate ideas for VCSA programs and activities.

  • Organize and participate in cultural and community events such as the Vietnamese Lantern festival, Lunar New Year, and Feed My Starving Children.
  • Promote awareness in causes such as the U.S. Census reporting, Statewide Tobacco Education & Engagement Project (STEEP), and Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam (HSCV).

  • Develop rapport with other organizations and partnering with them for successful achievement of goals.
  • Partner with Hennepin County Library in establishing and leading ACT Test preparation classes for high school students.
  • Recognize outstanding efforts and contributions of individuals in group, such as meal preparation, initiating activities, and volunteerism.
  • Support VCSA member’s various interests, fundraiser dinners, as well as assisting them in labor needs.
  • Plan socializing, teamwork, and fun group building events and trips.

  • We will be hosting Len Duong Camp for 2012.

Executive Team
        Thang Le (int.)


        Vivian Huynh (int.)
        Khiem Le (int.)


PR/Outreach Coordinator:
        Liem Vu (int.)

Contact Information

     7832 Emerson Ave N
     Brooklyn Park, MN 55444
We welcome comments, suggestions and contributions.