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VCSA - Minnesota Chapter has a six member Executive Team.  The Minnesota Chapter implements staggered elections in the Fall season every year.  This method was chosen for a consistent and smoother transition.  All positions are served for two years.  Three positions are up for election every year.  Further, any vacant positions will also be fill.


Election Process: All members of VCSA-MN needs at least three months of active membership to qualify for an executive position.  Otherwise, any general VCSA-MN member or current executive member can self-nominate or be nominated by another member for any of the open executive positions during the elections process.


The Executive Team performs some tasks interchangeably, with primary roles and responsibilities listed as follows:

  • Chair: Election every even year.
    • Representative for VCSA-MN at all events. 
    • Recruitment of new members.
    • Oversee VCSA-MN operations, activities, and events.  
    • Generate agendas and facilitate meetings.  
    • Generate yearly projection for all activities and fundraising.
    • Identify and pursue funding opportunities.  
    • Co-signs reimbursement checks.
  • Vice-Chair: Election every odd year.
    • Assist Chair with all Chair’s duties above including VCSA-MN operations, activities, and events.  
    • Facilitate meetings in the absence of Chair. 
    • Coordinate with Chair to keep open communications with Houston chapter.
    • Member retention. Create events / activities for current members.  
  • Secretary: Election every even year.
    • Book meeting time and location. Send out member meeting invites.  
    • Take and maintain meeting minutes.  
    • Record and fill out all VCSA-MN paperwork.
  • Treasurer: Election every odd year.
    • Track VCSA-MN accounting and reconcile of expenses. 
    • Track membership and collection of dues.  
    • Co-signs reimbursement checks.
  • IT/Webmaster: Election every even year.
    • Design and maintain VCSA-MN website / Facebook / and other networking media.    
    • Set up meeting and events on Facebook / Website / and other networking media.
    • Historian: Upload / Update / Edit media contents on Website and Facebook .
  • PR/Outreach Coordinator: Election every odd year.
    • Perform all related press release.
    • Connect with local business and organizations to promote VCSA-MN at community events, including attending other group’s meeting.    
    • Assist with Chair to recruit new members.