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2011-07-29 Camping at Santara

2011 MN Camping Trip
July 29-31, 2011
Site: Santara, MN (about three hours drive SE of the Twin Cities)
Leaving: Friday July 29 at 6:00 pm
Returning: Sunday July 31 at 2:00 pm

  • Grilling
  • You will see ducks, eagles, wild turkey, deer, raccoons, elks and other animals
  • Lots of open land to definitely feel a sense of serenity and peace at this place
  • Crystal caves to explore (about 10 minutes from site)
  • Canoeing on the upper Iowa River at Decorah, IA (about 20 minutes from site)
  • Trout fishing (about 10 minutes from site)
  • Amish tour at Harmony (about 15 minutes from site)
  • A winery and indigenous seeds factories nearby
  • Open to all members and non-members


10:00 AM     1st group depart at Tuyet’s house
1:00 PM         2nd group depart at John & Ngoc’s home
5:00 PM         3rd group depart in Blaine w/ Huy Ngo
5:30 PM         4rd group depart with A. Khiem (location TBD)
8:30 PM         everyone arrived and set up tents
9:00 PM         late supper (bánh ướt & chả)
9:30 PM         group activity to kick off camp
10:30 PM      personal time
8:00 AM        Breakfast (Eggs / Bacons / Bread)
8:30 AM        Tai Chi leads by Jim & Lois Brink (farm owners)
10:00 AM     depart for Amish Tour
1:00 PM         back at campsite
1:30 PM         lunch (grill chicken & beef with Cơm or leftover bread)
2:00 PM        personal time
4:00 PM        group activity
6:30 PM        dinner (cháo gà or vịt and maybe chè
7:30 PM        personal time
9:00 PM        group activity
10:00 PM     personal time
8:00 AM      Wake up
8:30 AM       breakfast (leftover Cháo / eggs / bacons)
9:00 AM       gardening and/or cutting trees around the farm
10:30 AM     group activity
11:00 AM     personal time
12:00 PM     lunch (grill)
1:00 PM       clean up and depart campsite